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is a recently established Tanzanian internet safari and tours company, set up by a group of independent guides to provide more affordable and unforgettable experiences in the world renowned National Parks of Northern Tanzania.

Natives of Karatu, our guides are graduates in “Wildlife Management” from the “ Serengeti School of Wildlife” and have previously worked as rangers within , the National Parks system before deciding that it is just as easy to protect the wildlife by educating the international visitor by sharing their workplace, and in some cases their life experiences.

All of our vehicles are equipped with a separate game viewing “hatch”, above each row of seats, allowing you the opportunity for unobstructed views and an ideal vantage point for great personal photos. Bean bag supports are available to steady any longer lens, which allows the visitor to obtain the perfect photo.

The “hatches” are easily opened and shut depending on weather and when open on game drives provides a more than adequate head room for standing.

A VHF radio is fitted out in each vehicle to allow inter-vehicle communication on wildlife locations, as well as maintain contact with the relevant authorities in the case of emergencies. Field guides identifying the types of birds and animals are kept on close hand. A first aid kit is always readily available.

Each vehicle is equipped with a mini fridge to recharge your “personal batteries” with cool drinks and snacks while “international ” type sockets are readily available to allow you to recharge other personal devices such as phones en route. Wi-fi services are not available in the vehicles, but are available in the lodges and tented camps that are our overnight accomodation.

In true African tradition the “KKT” team work on the premises that “together is stronger” and is always ready to share with you to make your experience the “trip of a life time”.